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Piggy banks by Kate.

If you are interested in a piggy bank, Kate can create most any custom design you wish
If you have a room theme or a bedding design you want to match, she can do it!

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~James 1: 27


shift where you put your change

Need a baby shower, Christmas, or birthday gift?  How about a hand painted piggy bank?  We can match any bedding design for a baby shower, or custom design based on favorite toys or stories.  Please keep in mind that since all banks are hand painted, each pig will be a little bit different, but that's what makes it unique!

We are willing to ship pigs as long as the buyer is willing to pay the shipping costs, which are usually around $12 per pig.

If you're interested in purchasing a bank, email Andy at or Kate at

All banks are $20.  Below are several examples of ones we have done.

Tulip Piggy

Rabbit Piggy

 Dove Piggy

Chili Pepper Piggy

 Birds Piggy

Baseball Piggy

Ahoy Piggy

Froggy Piggy

Pink & Green Paisley Piggy

Flowers Piggy

Bunches of Butterflies Piggy

Snowflake Piggy

Pink & Yellow Paisley Piggy

Starry Night Piggy

Watermelon Piggy

Butterfly Piggy

Sunflower Piggy

Strawberry Piggy

 Polkadot Piggy

Ladybug Piggy